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A San Antonio native who is full on tied into the entertainment world in numerous ways. Still working up the ladder, his performances peppered the city at an early age, as well as popping up in indie flicks just to stretch the artistic boundaries. Nowadays, Wolf is zoned in with the tunes, following his first project "Philosophy 101" with a relaxed, yet lyrical project in "Feeling Good, Feeling Great". His new sound highlights the many experiences and genres that influenced him throughout his 24 years, combined with a perspective from a determined individual. Think Chance the Rapper, with some Mac Miller, and even a dash of Sublime. The east coast flavor resides in the beats and rhyme, but the music as a whole reflects positive vibes and an upbeat personality.

This is the HOWL tee. Based around curiosity, mystery, and the occult, we designed this tee with bright colors and a trippy setting. We played with the Phillip Wolf nameplate and came up with a 80's vibe shirt. A kid hiding in the woods, peering at a Werewolf running by. Phillip Wolf's stoner vibe and "Feeling Good, Feeling Great" mentality were woven together hand on hand with Coolie High Clothing's approach to graphic t-shirt design. Grab yours today as it will not last!

Graphic on Turquoise Shirt

Plastisol Ink

Form Fitting


100% Ring-spun Cotton

Made in Mexico

Designed and Printed in the USA
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